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He started painting in 2002, experiencing the spray paint to capture his ideas in the wall, especially with politic meanings and shyly some tags.

Then in the early 2005 he decided to dedicate his life to street art, using letters and numbers. He tried many techniques like realism. As a usual thought in people’s life he pursued whatever made him different from the others. That search is not egocentric but inner, dealing with darkness, religiousness, mysticism, ancient and secret world themes.

This made his art capable to transport the observer through sacred, exploring his real me, finding himself in an imaginary world, a world that sometimes is so real and scary…

Silence, observe, travel and visit your interior, discovering yourself surrounded by secrets.

Symmetry defined his path. The harmony between good and bad, the balance that determines life.

Humans need to feel happy with them selfs, in their own space, to understand whatever is arround.

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